Wells International School

Open Day is Coming up Again!

Dear Future’s stars’ parents,
Wells International School is opening our very first face-to-face class in 2022. We are open for Pre-Kindergarten Class, suitable for age 2 to 3 and Kindergarten Class, suitable for age 4 to 5.
For parents who would like to get to know our school, we will be hosting Open Day on 29th January 2022 (Saturday). We will prepare loads of fun and also the demo classes for our students to get use to our environment. Parents can learn what kinds of infrastructure we have to support our students’ education and well-being.
On the event day,
🟡 Get more insights of our infrastructure
🟡 Demo classes where you can learn how we teach our students
🟡 Get to know more about our curriculum
The seats are limited due to COVID-19 so please fill out the registration form to reserve the spot!
Reservation Form Link – https://forms.gle/p6eJjdiSXtvJFop78
To learn more about our school, please contact:
+95 995 44 66 999 (Admission)
+95 995 22 66 999 (Marketing)
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