Wells International School

Admissions Procedure

Thank you for considering Wells International School – Yangon Campus as an option for your child’s education. All of our staff and students do their utmost to make new members of the Wells community feel welcome, and we highly encourage you and your child to visit our campuses if you are interested in joining the Wells family. Simply contact us to set an appointment, or feel free to stop by if you are in the area. To officially enroll at Wells International School, the following steps must be completed:

STEP 1: Apply to Join the Wells Community

All students seeking to enroll at Wells International School must submit the Student Application Form. This can be done in one of three ways:

STEP 2: Schedule a Time for Testing

All students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 must complete admissions tests in order to be accepted into Wells International School. Students seeking to join Grade 1 or Grade 2 will complete a paper test evaluating their basic academic skills. Students from Grade 3 to Grade 5 must complete the following:

STEP 3: Submit Official Documents

If the applicant has successfully completed the admissions tests and has been accepted into Wells International School, the following documents must be prepared and submitted to the school. For easy reference, download the Applicant Checklist & FAQ.

STEP 4: Enrollment

Before the student can register and receive class information and schedules, all required fees must be paid for the term (See School Fees for updated information):

STEP 5: Register for Classes

Once confirmation of payment has been received, the student will be eligible to register for classes and/or receive a class schedule. Books, standard supplies and the Student & Parent Handbook will also be issued at that time.